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Danger, Mixing Alcohol & Energy Drinks!

Mixing caffeine in energy drinks and alcohol popular with American youth. In fact, this practice resulted in the incidence of drunk driving times higher.

The University of Florida researchers surveyed more than 800 people are regular college age to the bar and out of the bar, at approximately 22:00 and 03.00. The participants were asked about their consumption of energy drinks, caffeine, and alcohol. Breath odor of alcohol they are also measured.
Health24 launched on Monday (15.2.2010), as much as 6.5 percent of participants who said that drinking alcohol mixed with energy drinks three times more often than those who consume alcohol only, without any mixture. Meanwhile, the measured breath alcohol to those who consume alcohol and energy drinks is 0.109. In fact, limits authorized by the United States government is 0.08.

Miskonsepsi Common Misconceptions

The researchers also found that regular bar customers to mix alcohol and energy drinks will be more night left the bar, drinking for longer periods, and four times more likely to say will drive a car after drinking. According to a report in the journal Addictive Behaviors.

"There's a common misconception that if you drink caffeine with alcohol, the stimulant effects of caffeine counteract the depressant effects of alcohol. That's not true," said study co-author Bruce Goldberger, Head of the Department Toksiologi at the University of Florida College of Medicine.
Simply put, caffeine reduces the feeling of drowsiness caused by alcohol. This condition is risky behavior. Therefore, Goldberger emphasized, further study is needed to measure the levels of caffeine are safe for consumption along with energy drinks or alcohol. (FTR)
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