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Shoes High Heels Trigger Varicose Veins

EVERY woman must feel fashionable when wearing high heels. This model's shoes make feet look more slender and levels. No wonder, when a lot of crazy women wearing high heels in everyday life.
Wearing stilettos or wedges may make you feel very trendy like Victoria However, if a pair of shoes is not good enough for the health of the foot, what do you do?
"The road is right off the leg muscles, and the motion was removed. However, not being dragged. Roads that meet the criteria for our lood flow smoothly from the back foot, is applied to the muscle, then to the thighs. Meanwhile, if you wear heels, thigh leg hold down, when the blood flow back to the top, and inhibited by the heels, is disturbing, "said Dr. SpB Dedy Pratama (K) V, Vascular Phlehologie Legal Consultant to the show" Woman Health Expo & Bazaar 2010 "at Puri Agung Sahid Jaya Hotel, some time ago.

If it's this, he added, does not mean we can not wear fashionable shoes or high heels though. However, we must give time for a moment berisitirahat feet. And get around with pemakian stockings. Mengapa stocking ? Why stockings?

"If someone has a job for which he stands, sits continuously and muscles do not move on, or like to wear heels, so I recommend wearing stockings so that the leg muscles are still driven by stocking it," explained Dr Dedy. In addition, he continued, high heels which are often subject to proper womanhood is not too high. If you are a user with the high heels up to 7 cm, 9 cm or even 13 cm, you should reduce the habit. Not without reason, because high heels is one of the causes of women affected by varicose veins.

Too low had enggak good, flat is not good. No right way, because pressing the bottom of the muscle pump. So blood flow is not true, "said Dr. Dedy.(tty)

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