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Vitamin E, Fighting Free Radicals

YOU diligent beauty treatments such as luluran, spa, or facials to full-blooded face and body? If you feel that was enough, then you are wrong. The body also needs care from the inside.
For women, body beauty treatment would absolutely be done. In addition to beauty, it also as a way grateful for the gift God has given him such.

So, nothing wrong if women perform various routine maintenance to keep the freshness of her skin. Ranging from body scrubs, massage, spa, full-blooded face and body to facials, and even treatment to restore skin firmness. If you think this is enough, then try to think again.

Various treatments, only touching the outside of the body only, while treatment for the skin in the body tend to be forgotten.In fact, treatment of the body as essential to the maintenance of the outside.

Treatment of the body can be done by taking vitamin E. Vitamin E has a myriad of benefits for skin beauty. Call it a powerful antioxidant that can prevent damage to skin cells from free radicals that can improve the regeneration and keratinisasi skin cells. The skin becomes thin and dry.

This is because the moisture is maintained so that water does not easily evaporate from the skin pores. In addition, vitamin E also works resist the onslaught of ultraviolet rays A and B and bacterial infections. Not only that, vitamin E may also prevent damage to collagen and elastin fibers of the free radicals thus increasing kolagenisasi process of skin cells.

"As a result, the skin elasticity was increased and prevent wrinkles. So, can avoid premature aging, "says Dr. Rachael SpKK. Rachael went on, in addition to beauty, health benefits obtained from any body of vitamin E is.

This vitamin to maintain general body health. If traced, there are eight forms of vitamin E. However, the most active in the body is alpha-tocophirol. This is the type of vitamins that are fat soluble and are usually present in foods containing fat in a healthy dose limits. Therefore, if you apply a low-fat diet, then you will have difficulty getting vitamin E and may easily this crucial vitamin deficiency.

Dian Sastrowardoyo beautiful artist is a woman who never missed take vitamin E every day. Then admitted that he had these vitamins since adolescence. At first he was reluctant to drink vitamins and are often rejected if presented with these healthy vitamins. However, his mother continued to force herself to these routine vitamin for health, beauty and skin care.

"Yes, in time they become a habit that can not be removed. I can feel the benefits for the body, "said Dian in the event Natur E Journey to Beauty, a few days ago.
According to Dian, what the mother said was true. The skin becomes more healthy, radiant, and who would not dry. Dian who used to have black spots on the face if exposed to sunlight exposure, now no longer.
"The skin also becomes more supple and soft," he said.

Beautiful in the eyes of Dian is to have a healthy body. Because, if you are sick, his face will look dull and not shiny. Well, the way health care course Dian diligently exercising. She also maintaining a healthy lifestyle with no smoking, let alone drink alcohol.
What is important is drinking water. He saw easy to get this water, even make people reluctant to eat them. In fact, water has a million benefits to the body. Among them maintain skin elasticity and prevent dehydration. Meanwhile, vitamin E, as told by Dian, is needed especially for people who live in urban areas.
"Vitamin E to ward off free radicals and for the regeneration of skin cells," he explained.

Keep in mind, the benefits of vitamin E may also be obtained by eating nuts, green vegetables, corn oil, almonds, sunflower seeds, broccoli, soybean oil, and kiwi. (Koran SI/Koran SI/ftr)
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